May 31st 2024

Announcing Flipt Hybrid Cloud and Authorization Support


We're thrilled to announce the release of Flipt v1.43.0! This version comes with significant enhancements and critical fixes to improve your experience. Here's what's new:

πŸš€ Added

Experimental Authorization with Open Policy Agent:

- We are excited to introduce experimental support for authorization using Open Policy Agent. This feature brings more flexibility and control to your authorization processes. Check out the documentation for more details.

Cache/Redis Enhancements:

- Support CA certificate and insecure TLS options, enhancing security and configuration flexibility.

FS/Git Enhancements:

- Now you can clone target repositories directly to the local filesystem, reducing memory footprint for large repositories.

🐞 Fixed

UI Improvements:

- Improved the auth expiration handling to ensure smoother redirection.

Cloud Config Fixes:

- Resolved several issues with cloud configuration and authentication, including using JWT tokens for Flipt Cloud serve.

- Addressed Redis shutdown prevention and improved cloud login response handling.


In our previous release, v1.42.0, we laid the groundwork for some major features. Here's a recap:

πŸš€ Added

Hybrid Cloud Support:

- We proudly introduced Hybrid Cloud support, enabling a seamless blend of on-premise and cloud deployments. Explore more in our Hybrid Cloud documentation.

These updates are designed to provide you with a more robust and flexible feature flagging experience. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to your continued support.

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