May 24th 2023


Constraint Updates

We just released Flipt v1.22.1 ( with some awesome additions to our constraints model including:

  • The ability to add a description to a constraint

  • Entirely new datetime constraint type!

The datetime constraint type was a much-requested feature that allows you to set up evaluation rules based on either dates or dates+time. This can be useful for rolling out sales, promotions, or any feature that you want to enable/disable at a specific moment in time! More details on all constraint types are in the docs:

Timezone Support

While we're talking dates and times, we also added the ability for users to specify their display timezone in the UI. Currently, we support selecting either UTC or the browser's local time (default). This should allow you to more easily keep track of when things changed in Flipt as well as make setting up the above-mentioned date/datetime constraints nicer.

We may add more time zones in the future if requested.

To change this value, head to the new 'General > Preferences' section in 'Settings.

SDK Version Bumps

Most of our officially supported SDKs have been released to support this new functionality, including:

We're following up shortly with updating both our and SDKs as well so stay tuned!