April 30th 2024

Flipt Updates: Spring Edition 🐣

As the Spring season ushers in new beginnings, we are excited to roll out fresh updates to Flipt. These enhancements are designed to bolster your feature management capabilities and ensure Flipt remains robust and adaptable.

You can see the full release at https://github.com/flipt-io/flipt/releases/tag/v1.41.0.

Added 🌱

  • Semantic Versioning Constraints: Now supporting semantic versioning constraints for Git storage to enhance version management.

  • OTLP Metrics Exporter: Deployed OTLP metrics exporter for advanced performance monitoring.

  • JWT Subject Validation: Enabled validation of JWT sub claims to strengthen security measures.

  • Enhanced OpenTelemetry Tracing: Improved our OpenTelemetry tracing instrumentation for better traceability and insights.

  • Remote Blob Storage for Configurations: Introduced remote blob storage support for service configurations, increasing deployment flexibility.

Changed πŸͺΊ

  • Database Connection Library Update: Transitioned from lib/pq to pgx for a better-supported Postgres experience.

Fixed 🌼

  • Evaluation API Authorization Fix in gRPC: Resolved an issue where eval data services were not being properly excluded when evaluation API authentication was omitted.

We hope these springtime updates make managing your feature flags even more efficient and enjoyable! As always, drop by our Discord for any issues, feature requests, or just to say hi!

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