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Scheduled Flags

From Discord: https://discord.com/channels/960634591000014878/1099022860930007090/1099022860930007090 It would be nice if we could have scheduled flags, so they turn on/off at a certain time, for example a use case could be that you’re doing a release of a feature, you could put it behind the feature flag and set it to enable at a certain date and time.An example of how we personally would’ve used it: we were moving away from text-based discord commands to the new slash commands that discord offers, so we needed to plan a smooth transition over to those, so we had a feature flag to enable or disable the ability to use the text based commands (we put up a message 2 weeks before informing of the date and time this would happen). Then at that certain time, we could have the flag enable itself to allow only slash commands

Mark Phelps About 1 year ago