v1.27.0 is out with new support for audit events to webhook sinks as well as tighter integration with observability tools like Datadog!

Oh and we now fully support Flipt on MacOS for local development! 🍎

Install via homebrew:

brew install flipt-io/brew/flipt

Here's the rundown of all that's in this new release:


  • Webhook audit event sinks 🎣

  • Ability to filter audit events for specific actions

  • An example of how to use Datadog as an exporter for OTLP traces

  • Default config if none provided

  • An in-app support page πŸ›Ÿ

  • The ability to set the default theme for UI via configuration ✨


  • flipt/validate now builds an entire snapshot of your state to catch more potential validation errors

September 14th 2023

v1.26.0 is out, with more authentication improvements!

✨Major Features

  • GitHub OAuth Support was added so you can now authenticate Flipt using your existing GitHub account! Checkout the docs

  • PKCE support was added to OIDC Authentication to keep your sessions extra secure πŸ”’

🚒 Also Shipped

  • A new version of Flipt built for MacOS! It's still in beta for now, but we've set up a Homebrew tap and will have more updates in the next release!

πŸ’… Fixed

  • Some small UI tweaks to render icons correctly in both light and dark modes

Feel free to reach out on Discord with any feedback or questions. Thank you for using Flipt! πŸ™Œ

August 31st 2023

From the latest v1.25.0 Release!

πŸš€ Major Features

- Logical Operations for Segments: Now, you can use AND or OR to combine multiple segments when creating rules or rollouts. Unlocking new possibilities for flag evaluations! πŸŽ›οΈ

- Graduation of Filesystem Backends: Previously experimental, now fully supported. Learn More πŸŽ“

✨ Added

- ui: Copy flag/segment key to clipboard button πŸ“‹

- storage/cache: Redis connection with optional parameters

- fs/s3: Support for prefix filtering

- config/flipt.schema.*: OIDC provider scopes property

πŸ› οΈ Fixed

- ui: Flags and segments inputs are now properly disabled in readonly mode

Explore, create, and innovate with this latest release. Feel free to reach out on Discord with any feedback or questions. Thank you for using Flipt! πŸ™Œ

August 16th 2023

Flipt v1.24.0 adds a new boolean flag type along with new Rollout functionality and many other features/improvements including:

This is our biggest release yet and we're not stopping anytime soon!

Stop by our Discord to let us know what you think of these new features!

July 31st 2023

Flipt v1.23 adds Darkmode support to the UI πŸŽ‰!

We've also added:

  • The ability to copy flags and segments between namespaces

  • Experimental πŸ§ͺ filesystem/git backends

  • Read-only UI mode (if running in the above filesystem/git backend mode)

  • A new validate subcommand to enable validation of imported files

June 14th 2023


We just released Flipt v1.22.1 (https://github.com/flipt-io/flipt/releases/tag/v1.22.1) with some awesome additions to our constraints model including:

  • The ability to add a description to a constraint

  • Entirely new datetime constraint type!

The datetime constraint type was a much-requested feature that allows you to set up evaluation rules based on either dates or dates+time. This can be useful for rolling out sales, promotions, or any feature that you want to enable/disable at a specific moment in time! More details on all constraint types are in the docs: https://www.flipt.io/docs/concepts#constraint-types

Timezone Support

While we're talking dates and times, we also added the ability for users to specify their display timezone in the UI. Currently, we support selecting either UTC or the browser's local time (default). This should allow you to more easily keep track of when things changed in Flipt as well as make setting up the above-mentioned date/datetime constraints nicer.

We may add more time zones in the future if requested.

To change this value, head to the new 'General > Preferences' section in 'Settings.

SDK Version Bumps

Most of our officially supported SDKs have been released to support this new functionality, including:

We're following up shortly with updating both our https://github.com/flipt-io/flipt-rust and https://github.com/flipt-io/flipt-openfeature-provider-go SDKs as well so stay tuned!

May 24th 2023



We just released v1.21.0 with support for native audit events around the mutation of any of the core Flipt objects (flags, segments, namespaces, tokens, etc).

Check out our latest blog post which goes more in-depth on the implementation, configuration, and use cases and also see our updated documentation for more info!



May 3rd 2023



We just released one of our most requested features, the ability to group flags/segments/rules etc by environment or similar. We're calling this feature Namespaces.

Namespaces allow you to separate all data within Flipt for use in different environments such as Development, Staging, Production, etc. You could also decide to organize your Flipt data by internal team or specialty such as 'backend' or 'frontend'.

Read more about namespaces here: https://www.flipt.io/docs/concepts#namespaces

Python SDK

We've open-sourced our new Python REST SDK: https://github.com/flipt-io/flipt-python

If you're using Python in your applications please give it a try and provide feedback.

For a list of all of our 'official' SDKs, check out our integration docs: https://www.flipt.io/docs/integration

April 16th 2023

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