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February 9th 2024

We're excited to announce the release of Flipt v1.37, a significant update that enhances user experience and analytics capabilities.

This release introduces new features like a first-time onboarding experience and much-needed analytics support using Clickhouse.

Additionally, we've added more examples to demonstrate the versatility of Flipt. Here’s everything you need to know about what's new, improved, and fixed:


- πŸš€ First Time Onboarding Experience: A streamlined introduction for new users to get up and running with Flipt.

- πŸ“ˆ Analytics Support with Clickhouse: Enhanced analytics capabilities for deeper insights into feature flag usage.

- πŸ” SDK/Go: Kubernetes Authentication Provider: Securely authenticate your services running in Kubernetes environments.

- πŸ“š Examples: OTLP -> Clickhouse: Demonstrates how to leverage OpenTelemetry with Clickhouse for advanced analytics.

- 🌐 Examples: Running Flipt Behind Nginx: Added guidance on configuring Flipt with Nginx for secure, scalable deployments.


- πŸ› οΈ Fix Link to Updated documentation to ensure developers have the correct resources.

- βš™οΈ Config: Deprecated authentication.exclude.metadata: Marked as deprecated to streamline authentication configurations.

- πŸ“ Cmd: evaluate CLI Behavior Adjustment: Ensured enabled is accurately reflected in CLI output, even when false.


- πŸ”„ Running Flipt Under Reverse Proxy with Subpath: Addressed configuration issues for smoother operation behind a reverse proxy.

- πŸ“± UI: Fix Input Alignment on Small Screens: Improved UI responsiveness to ensure a seamless experience on devices of all sizes.

- πŸ“Š Audit: Capture Reordering of Rules or Rollouts: Enhanced audit logs to include rule or rollout order changes.

- πŸ”§ UI: Clean Redux Cache on Namespace or Flag Deletion: Ensured a clean state in the UI by clearing cache after deletions.

This release underscores our commitment to providing a robust, user-friendly platform for feature flag management. Check out our updated documentation for detailed guidance on leveraging the new features and enhancements in v1.37.

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February 4th 2024

We're excited to introduce version 1.36 of Flipt, packed with new features and improvements that streamline your experience and expand capabilities.

This version adds powerful new functionalities like the flipt evaluate CLI subcommand for enhanced command-line interactions and initial support for multiple snapshots in Git storage. We’ve also made significant UI enhancements for a more intuitive and efficient user experience. Here’s a detailed look at what's new, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • πŸ› οΈ cmd: flipt evaluate CLI subcommand for advanced feature flag evaluations

  • πŸ”’ validate: Enhanced schema constraints for more precise validation

  • 🌐 UI: Display the configured Git reference directly in the UI

  • πŸ“‚ storage/fs/git: Initial support for handling multiple snapshots


  • πŸ“š examples: Updated OpenFeature example to use Jaeger with OTLP endpoint

  • πŸ–₯️ UI: Comprehensive improvements to the index page for a better user interface

  • ✨ UI: Improved usage of Yup for validation

  • πŸ“ UI/console: Replaced Monaco editor with CodeMirror

  • 🧩 UI: Dropped highlight.js for a more streamlined code highlighting process

  • πŸ•’ UI: Removed moment.js, streamlining date and time operations

  • πŸ” UI: Eliminated lodash dependencies for a lighter, faster UI

  • 🚨 Deprecated Jaeger tracing


  • 🐞 cfg: Fixed missing storage type 'OCI' in JSON schema

  • πŸ› οΈ UI: Corrected boolean constraint type issue in UI when editing

  • πŸ“¦ Combobox: Resolved issue with options not displaying upon input click

  • πŸ”’ fs/object: Ensured reader is closed after use for better resource management

  • 🧩 validate(cue): Improved error line positioning for more accurate debugging

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January 21st 2024

We're thrilled to roll out version 1.35 of Flipt, featuring two major enhancements: JWT Authentication and Google Cloud Storage integration.

These updates not only bolster security with robust JWT Auth support but also expand storage capabilities by seamlessly integrating with Google Cloud Storage, offering flexible and scalable solutions for managing feature flags.

Check out our docs on configuring JWT Auth and Google Cloud Storage.

Here's a breakdown of the new additions, changes, and fixes in this release:


- πŸ” JWT Authentication: A significant security upgrade, enabling more secure and flexible user authentication processes.

- πŸ“‘ grpc: Configuration for gRPC keepalive to maintain persistent connections.

- ☁️ storage/gcs: Google Cloud Storage support, offering scalable and reliable storage options for your feature flags.

- πŸš€ Cache evaluation rollouts at the storage layer for enhanced performance.


- 🧹 cleanup: Optimized cleanup method tests by parallelizing them.


- πŸŒ™ UI: Fixed the issue with the search box text color in dark mode, improving visibility and user experience.

- βš™οΈ Config Initialization: Resolved problems with config initialization for smoother operation.

- πŸ”’ Closed OIDC providers in line with library recommendations, enhancing security and compliance.

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December 30th 2023


We're excited to announce version 1.34 of Flipt, bringing enhancements and fixes that continue to improve your feature flagging experience.

The biggest feature in this release is that we now support Azure Blob Storage as a backend for our declarative feature management source!

Thank you to @erka for this amazing contribution!!

Here's everything that's new and improved:


- ☁️ FS/Azure: Support for Azure Blob Storage (FS Object Backend)

- πŸ› οΈ Validate common auth config settings

- ⏱️ RPC/Flipt: Now timestamp with microsecond precision function

- πŸ•’ UI: Display time/date format on settings/preferences page


- πŸ”„ Use RPC/Flipt.Now everywhere instead of timestamppb.Now

- πŸ› οΈ UI: Migrated listAuthMethods to Redux RTK


- πŸ”§ Config: Enforce forward-slash as separator for DB URL

- βŒ› MySQL: Enhanced timestamp precision to microseconds

- πŸ“‘ CFG: Default config now outputs first INFO log regardless of FLIPT_LOG_LEVEL

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December 13th 2023

Christmas comes early with v1.33 of Flipt. Here are all the goodies in this latest release:


  • Auth/GitHub: Organization membership check for GitHub authentication

  • UI: Option to set page size for tables

  • Use default config on Linux if no config found

  • UI/Console: Added 'Copy as cURL' button


  • CLI: Silenced usage messages on error (#2512)

  • UI: Cleaned up header; display user name and login option in user dropdown (#2480)

  • Reworked tests for TLS options for Git sources with self-signed certificates


  • UI: Fixed issue where page API call could finish earlier than Layout API calls (#2506)

  • UI: Adjusted to not show name/login section if only email is available (#2495)

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December 4th 2023

Hot on the heels of v1.31, we just released v1.32 πŸ”₯ !!

Here's all the details of what's in this latest release:


- πŸͺ Pre-commit hook support

- πŸ”’ TLS options for Git sources with self-signed certificates

- πŸ—‘οΈ UI/Tokens: Ability to delete multiple tokens


- 🧩 UI: Refactor to use Redux storage everywhere


- 🐞 UI/Console: Fixed issue with Monaco web workers

- πŸ› οΈ Incorrect selector usage in Redux

- 🐫 Camelcase JSON representation in storage config corrected

- πŸ” UI/Token: Search input now shows if it contains user's input

- πŸͺ™ UI/Token: Fixed issue where default namespaced token wasn't created without selecting 'default'

- 🧩 CUE: Arrays now allowed for variant attachment

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November 16th 2023

Our latest release v1.31.x is huuuge. Don't just take our word for it, check out everything below πŸ‘‡

Here are a few of the major features in it:

Sleeker UI

We made the UI a little less purple and a little more modern/sleeker. The major changes in the header/title bar, but there are a few other minor updates that we hope you enjoy. Oh yeah, and this includes dark mode as well 🌝.

Namespaced Auth Tokens

A heavily user-requested feature just landed, the ability to create static authentication tokens that are scoped to a single namespace. This gives you more granular control over what resources your integrated services can access.

Read more in the docs: Namespaced Tokens

Constraint List Values

One of the longest open feature requests/issues is finally complete! Thanks to an amazing contributor @phenax

You can now use IS ONE OF or IS NOT ONE OF operators for handling multiple / list values for both String and Number constraint types!!

Hopefully, this will unlock a lot of use cases for segmentation that were not previously possible!

That's A Wrap

Thats all of the major features for 1.31, but all of the changes are in the release on GitHub linked above.

As always, feel free to reach out on Discord or GitHub with any feedback or questions. Thank you for using Flipt!

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November 2nd 2023

Over the last few weeks we've released v1.29 and v1.30 in quick succession as we've added a lot of new features/functionality. Here's the rundown.

Health Checks 🩺

We added a GRPC health check in v1.29 so you can always be sure that your Flipt instances are up and running in your cluster (or wherever you run Flipt.

We also added a section in our docs describing how to connect to both our gRPC and HTTP health check endpoints:

Turso/LibSQL Support ☁️

You can now store your Flipt data on the Edge with our new libSQL database support. This means you can also use a hosted solution like Turso to keep your data in sync all over the world without any work on your part!

Check out our blog post announcing this integration as well as how to configure this new storage solution in our docs:

We'll have more to come in the following weeks on what this new integration means for enabling low latency evaluation on the Edge, so stay tuned!

Git over SSH πŸ”‘

As of v1.30 we now support authenticating to your GitHub/Git repository via SSH! This is perfect for using our Git backend for serving your feature data without requiring the use of personal access tokens to authenticate with your git repositories.

Checkout the updated docs to learn how to configure Flipt with Git over SSH:

Other Updates

  • Added flag key to variant and boolean evaluation responses

  • Added subject to authentication metadata for auditing

  • Support updating distribution variant in the UI/API

  • Allow disabling profiling endpoints via config

Fixes πŸ”§

  • Audit log path will be created if doesn't exist

  • Invalid offset error when using FS backend


As always, feel free to reach out on Discord or GitHub with any feedback or questions. Thank you for using Flipt!

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October 2nd 2023

v1.28.0 of Flipt is out with new commands added to the Flipt CLI as well as more customizability added for sending audit events over webhooks.

Here's everything in this latest release, with links to the relevant documentation:

πŸ›  CLI Enhancements

- Config Init Command

- Config Edit Command

- Shell Completions

πŸ“Š UI & UX

- Rules Tab in Flags UI

- Added Request ID in Batch Response

πŸ”— Connectivity & Telemetry

- OpenTelemetry over HTTP(s)

- OTLP Headers Config

πŸ”„ Import/Export

- Enhanced Import/Export

- Multi-Doc YAML in FS Storage

πŸ”” Audit & Webhooks

- Webhook Templating in Audit Events

πŸ”§ Fixes & Updates

- Resolved HTTPS Export issues

- Dependency updates for better performance!


- GitHub Issues:

- Release Tag:

As always, feel free to reach out on Discord or GitHub with any feedback or questions. Thank you for using Flipt!

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September 14th 2023

v1.27.0 is out with new support for audit events to webhook sinks as well as tighter integration with observability tools like Datadog!

Oh and we now fully support Flipt on MacOS for local development! 🍎

Install via homebrew:

brew install flipt-io/brew/flipt

Here's the rundown of all that's in this new release:


  • Webhook audit event sinks 🎣

  • Ability to filter audit events for specific actions

  • An example of how to use Datadog as an exporter for OTLP traces

  • Default config if none provided

  • An in-app support page πŸ›Ÿ

  • The ability to set the default theme for UI via configuration ✨


  • flipt/validate now builds an entire snapshot of your state to catch more potential validation errors

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