v1.27.0 is out with new support for audit events to webhook sinks as well as tighter integration with observability tools like Datadog!

Oh and we now fully support Flipt on MacOS for local development! 🍎

Install via homebrew:

brew install flipt-io/brew/flipt

Here's the rundown of all that's in this new release:


  • Webhook audit event sinks 🎣

  • Ability to filter audit events for specific actions

  • An example of how to use Datadog as an exporter for OTLP traces

  • Default config if none provided

  • An in-app support page πŸ›Ÿ

  • The ability to set the default theme for UI via configuration ✨


  • flipt/validate now builds an entire snapshot of your state to catch more potential validation errors

September 14th 2023