December 30th 2023


Azure Blob Storage Backend + Auth Config Validation

We're excited to announce version 1.34 of Flipt, bringing enhancements and fixes that continue to improve your feature flagging experience.

The biggest feature in this release is that we now support Azure Blob Storage as a backend for our declarative feature management source!

Thank you to @erka for this amazing contribution!!

Here's everything that's new and improved:


- ☁️ FS/Azure: Support for Azure Blob Storage (FS Object Backend)

- πŸ› οΈ Validate common auth config settings

- ⏱️ RPC/Flipt: Now timestamp with microsecond precision function

- πŸ•’ UI: Display time/date format on settings/preferences page


- πŸ”„ Use RPC/Flipt.Now everywhere instead of timestamppb.Now

- πŸ› οΈ UI: Migrated listAuthMethods to Redux RTK


- πŸ”§ Config: Enforce forward-slash as separator for DB URL

- βŒ› MySQL: Enhanced timestamp precision to microseconds

- πŸ“‘ CFG: Default config now outputs first INFO log regardless of FLIPT_LOG_LEVEL

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