October 2nd 2023

CLI Updates and Webhook Templates

v1.28.0 of Flipt is out with new commands added to the Flipt CLI as well as more customizability added for sending audit events over webhooks.

Here's everything in this latest release, with links to the relevant documentation:

πŸ›  CLI Enhancements

- Config Init Command

- Config Edit Command

- Shell Completions

πŸ“Š UI & UX

- Rules Tab in Flags UI

- Added Request ID in Batch Response

πŸ”— Connectivity & Telemetry

- OpenTelemetry over HTTP(s)

- OTLP Headers Config

πŸ”„ Import/Export

- Enhanced Import/Export

- Multi-Doc YAML in FS Storage

πŸ”” Audit & Webhooks

- Webhook Templating in Audit Events

πŸ”§ Fixes & Updates

- Resolved HTTPS Export issues

- Dependency updates for better performance!


- GitHub Issues: https://github.com/flipt-io/flipt/issues/

- Release Tag: https://github.com/flipt-io/flipt/releases/tag/v1.28.0

As always, feel free to reach out on Discord or GitHub with any feedback or questions. Thank you for using Flipt!

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