February 9th 2024

Flag Analytics and Onboarding

We're excited to announce the release of Flipt v1.37, a significant update that enhances user experience and analytics capabilities.

This release introduces new features like a first-time onboarding experience and much-needed analytics support using Clickhouse.

Additionally, we've added more examples to demonstrate the versatility of Flipt. Here’s everything you need to know about what's new, improved, and fixed:


- πŸš€ First Time Onboarding Experience: A streamlined introduction for new users to get up and running with Flipt.

- πŸ“ˆ Analytics Support with Clickhouse: Enhanced analytics capabilities for deeper insights into feature flag usage.

- πŸ” SDK/Go: Kubernetes Authentication Provider: Securely authenticate your services running in Kubernetes environments.

- πŸ“š Examples: OTLP -> Clickhouse: Demonstrates how to leverage OpenTelemetry with Clickhouse for advanced analytics.

- 🌐 Examples: Running Flipt Behind Nginx: Added guidance on configuring Flipt with Nginx for secure, scalable deployments.


- πŸ› οΈ Fix Link to DevEnv.sh: Updated documentation to ensure developers have the correct resources.

- βš™οΈ Config: Deprecated authentication.exclude.metadata: Marked as deprecated to streamline authentication configurations.

- πŸ“ Cmd: evaluate CLI Behavior Adjustment: Ensured enabled is accurately reflected in CLI output, even when false.


- πŸ”„ Running Flipt Under Reverse Proxy with Subpath: Addressed configuration issues for smoother operation behind a reverse proxy.

- πŸ“± UI: Fix Input Alignment on Small Screens: Improved UI responsiveness to ensure a seamless experience on devices of all sizes.

- πŸ“Š Audit: Capture Reordering of Rules or Rollouts: Enhanced audit logs to include rule or rollout order changes.

- πŸ”§ UI: Clean Redux Cache on Namespace or Flag Deletion: Ensured a clean state in the UI by clearing cache after deletions.

This release underscores our commitment to providing a robust, user-friendly platform for feature flag management. Check out our updated documentation for detailed guidance on leveraging the new features and enhancements in v1.37.

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