December 13th 2023

GitHub Allowed Organizations + UI Updates

Christmas comes early with v1.33 of Flipt. Here are all the goodies in this latest release:


  • Auth/GitHub: Organization membership check for GitHub authentication

  • UI: Option to set page size for tables

  • Use default config on Linux if no config found

  • UI/Console: Added 'Copy as cURL' button


  • CLI: Silenced usage messages on error (#2512)

  • UI: Cleaned up header; display user name and login option in user dropdown (#2480)

  • Reworked tests for TLS options for Git sources with self-signed certificates


  • UI: Fixed issue where page API call could finish earlier than Layout API calls (#2506)

  • UI: Adjusted to not show name/login section if only email is available (#2495)

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