January 21st 2024

Google Cloud Storage Backend + JWT Authentication

We're thrilled to roll out version 1.35 of Flipt, featuring two major enhancements: JWT Authentication and Google Cloud Storage integration.

These updates not only bolster security with robust JWT Auth support but also expand storage capabilities by seamlessly integrating with Google Cloud Storage, offering flexible and scalable solutions for managing feature flags.

Check out our docs on configuring JWT Auth and Google Cloud Storage.

Here's a breakdown of the new additions, changes, and fixes in this release:


- πŸ” JWT Authentication: A significant security upgrade, enabling more secure and flexible user authentication processes.

- πŸ“‘ grpc: Configuration for gRPC keepalive to maintain persistent connections.

- ☁️ storage/gcs: Google Cloud Storage support, offering scalable and reliable storage options for your feature flags.

- πŸš€ Cache evaluation rollouts at the storage layer for enhanced performance.


- 🧹 cleanup: Optimized cleanup method tests by parallelizing them.


- πŸŒ™ UI: Fixed the issue with the search box text color in dark mode, improving visibility and user experience.

- βš™οΈ Config Initialization: Resolved problems with config initialization for smoother operation.

- πŸ”’ Closed OIDC providers in line with library recommendations, enhancing security and compliance.

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